June 2020 - GIZ ValueLinks 2.0 Online training workshops

GIZ conducted successfully a second 5-day online ValueLinks Introductory Training Seminar with 15 participants via MS Teams in the week September 21-25, 2020.

The seminar was carried out on MS Teams and consisted of 18 sessions of 1-1.5 hours (4 sessions per day except Friday with only 2 sessions).

The overall recipe was important: Good technical preparation by GIZ/AIZ, more than one trainer to turn shifts, using several communication channels in parallel (presentation, discussion and chat function), alternating between Powerpoint presentations, group work, camera views of participants, whiteboard sketches, video presentations. Bringing in participants with active contributions, e.g. presenting project experience related to a ValueLinks module makes the seminar livelier. We managed again to go digital with the pin board-based group work. Participants prepared maps, vision statements and solution online, working together on one Powerpoint document in a working group.

As one participant noted “Before, I expected to be bored in a 5-day online training. But in fact, I was not.”