GORETZKY, Wulf-Hendrik

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Languages English,Spanish,German
Regional Experience Sub-Saharan-Africa,North-Africa-/-Near-East,Eastern-Europe,Latin-America,South-East-Asia

Consultant, experience in supporting agrarian and non-agrarian value chains in Africa, South-East Asia, South-East Europe.

Wulf-Hendrik Goretzky is a specialist in economic development with professional experience in Germany, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. He has worked amongst others as Project Manager, Trainer and Short Term Consultant. He has acquired special expertise in Local and Regional Economic Development, Private Sector Development, Sector Studies, Value Chain Development and SME support.

Contact details

Address : Wagemannstr. 28, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany

Telephone No.: +49 179 1016768

E-mail : wulf.goretzky@web.de