KAM, Daniel

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Languages French
Regional Experience Sub-Saharan-Africa

PRODERU, manager of development and research.

Daniel KAM is manager of development and research of PRODERU. He speaks fluently French and improves English language. He is an agronomist, graduated from Dschang University in Cameroon in 2006. He has got professional diploma in entrepreneurship management of ESSEC Business School of Douala University.

During his career, he is working on agricultural extension, adult training, safety management of pesticides, entrepreneurship, management of professional agricultural organizations, market information system and mediation between research and extension.

In value chain development, Daniel KAM is member of cocoa public private partnership, trainer and facilitator of many workshops. Daniel is promoter of commodity value chain like cocoa, coffee, cassava, cabbage, rice and palm oil.

Contact details:
E-Mail: danykam60@gmail.com or kadaro2000@yahoo. fr