KOCH, Christian

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Languages English,German
Regional Experience Sub-Saharan-Africa,Latin-America,South-East-Asia

COMO Consult Hamburg / Partnerships for Sustainability, Hamburg, strategy and management consultant, Value Chains, PPP, CR, PSD, etc.

Christian Koch works as strategy and management consultant and trainer with COMO Consult and Partnerships for Sustainability (pafosu), Hamburg, providing process oriented consulting services to clients in the private and public sector.

His main background is the interface between business and development cooperation, with topics like private sector development, public private partnerships, value chain promotion, standard initiatives, corporate responsibility, etc.

In value chain development, Christian Koch specialises on providing strategy and management advice to value chain project teams, with a special focus on project management issues (planning processes, steering structures, etc.) and on establishing development partnerships (PPP) with lead firms and private service providers in the value chains. Christian Koch also provides trainings on the ValueLinks methodology.

His regional experience covers South East Asia, Latin America, Africa, Central Asia and Europe.

Contact details:

Christian Koch

Fruchtallee 124e

20259 Hamburg, Germany

Mobile: +49 (0) 163 – 53 78 248

E-mails: christian.koch@como-consult.de ; koch@pafosu.de

Websites: www.como-consult.de; www.pafosu.de