Netzwert Beratung, short term consultant, sole proprietor, Business linkages, VCs, PPP, BDS, etc.

Christian Matschulla works as short term Consultant in Germany and developing countries (Africa, Asia). He is also the sole proprietor of Netzwert Beratung, a focused consulting firm (private sector development and infrastructure) that supports private sector development initiatives and projects with teams of experts in long or short term positions.

His main background is on private sector development, especially business linkage oriented. Relevant aspects are cluster development, promotion of business networks and value chain promotion, regional economic development, promotion of BMOs and business consultancy, public-private-dialogue and partnerships as well as development of foreign markets and internationalization His current clients are the EU, GTZ, chambers or associations and private enterprises.

In value chain development, Christian Matschulla specialises on the initial selection, analysis and implementation. With his network of partners he also covers sector-specific work.

His regional experience covers Germany, Asia and Africa.

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