ROBSONA, Volaniaina

Agricultural Engineer, Doctorate in Agro-Management, Manager responsible for the development of value chain within “Resilience by Value Chains” Project implemented by GIZ.

BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCES: Agricultural Engineer, Doctorate in Agro-Management.

She has always been involved in improving farmer’s livelihood and enhancing food security during 12 years. Value chain development consultant within GIZ, WWF, IFAD for twelve (12) value chains in agricultural and non agricultural sectors during seven (7) years. In her mission, value chain was implemented in order to reduce climate change impact, to decrease anthropologic pressure on environment, and to enhance vulnerable people livelihood by increasing incomes. She did various depth analysis of value chains, facilitated development of value chains strategies. Currently, she is involved in upgrading farmer’s production to respond on SME demands, and promoting public and private partnership to improve value chain environment.


Value chain development – Valuelinks Approach with GIZ

Climate change and food security – ACP-EU Cooperation Program/EGALE Project

Business and Entrepreneurship, leadership in Africa – YALI Program/USAID

Management of public-private partnership (PPP) – ISCAM Institute

Capacity Works – Training with GIZ Madagascar

Strategic planification – Training with ACORDS/GTZ

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