Independent consultant, value chain development & LRED, sustainability & participation.

Ralf Arning is based in Berlin, Germany and currently self-employed as an independent consultant on short-term basis.


By his professional background Ralf Arning is an Agricultural Economist. After working on farms in Germany, the U.S. and Australia he acquired first experiences in the development context when signing long-term contracts with the German Development Service (DED) for Niger and Burkina Faso. After six years in West Africa he returned to Berlin and started out as a short-term consultant. In the course of this activity he got to work with various partners leading him to different countries in West, East and North Africa as well as Central Asia.

Main activity areas:

His professional activities cover

  • Studies, analyses and implementation of activities in Value Chain development, economic development, participation and sustainability,

  • ValueLinks trainings,

  • coaching and capacity development,

  • evaluations,

  • facilitations and moderations.

Professional education:

Apart from his agricultural diploma Ralf Arning holds a post-graduate diploma in Education for Sustainability. He is a ValueLinks trainer currently doing a 20-months training course in Organisational Development, Stakeholder and Process Management at the German Consulting Company denkmodell^®.

Spoken Languages:

German: mother tongue

English: fluent

French: fluent

Italian: average

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