Senior technical adviser, Agricultural Development Program (GIZ), Burkina Fas.

Frank Kuklinski is a trained agro-biologist who started his career in plant protection in cotton, but has since then mainly worked in economic development in agriculture. He is currently in charge of the value chain promotion component in the Agricultural Development Program (PDA) of GIZ in Burkina Faso. He was previously the Team leader for a consortium lead by the GFA Consulting Group implementing the value chain component in the GIZ program PROFIAB Nord (Promotion des Filières Agricoles et de la Biodiversité) in Côte d’Ivoire. Recent work assignments also include studies of cocoa sustainability projects in the West African region.

Frank specialises in value chain studies, M&E systems and HCD concepts.

Apart from West Africa, Frank’s regional experience includes Madagascar and South-East Asia. He speaks German, French and English fluently.

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