KHANAL, Shameer

GIZ Uzbekistan, senior advisor, sustainable economic development in Uzbekistan, responsible for rolling out and implementation of project activities of the SED project in Uzbekistan.

Shameer began his value chain career in 2005 with implementation experience in a value chain pro-motion project in Nepal. Shameer is currently working with the German Technical Cooperation as a Senior Advisor, overseeing a project that focuses on Sustainable Economic Development in Selected Regions of Uzbekistan.

He is the knowledge center in Central Asia promoting the value chain analysis and implementing private sector promotion tools such as private public partnership, private public dialogue, economic promotion centers, and local and regional economic development. Shameer is a strategic planner who likes promoting and implementing systems thinking,

He is keen follower of innovations of product/service/technology combinations, and organizational change. Sha-meer specifically brings his experience from corporate sector in the west, blended with experience in the area of economic development from south, south-east and now central Asia. Also as a business educator, Shameer enjoys exchanging ideas with new generation of business students pursuing MBA, and Economics at various Universities that fall within his travel of work. Shameer’s economic development and corporate consulting experience is both deep and wide.

His career began with projects in companies like the General Electric in Richmond Virginia and JP Morgan Chase where he was introduced to financial planning, economic forecasting, and primary business consulting. In his 5 years in America, Shameer enjoyed his role as a student, an educator, and as a business expert which in particular gave Shameer a “real world” appreciation for the challenges and opportunities faced by all small business owners. In 2005 Shameer joined the German Technical Cooperation project promoting private sector solutions in Nepal, an organization with a completely different philosophy towards business and economic de-velopment, “Sustainability”.

Throughout his career, Shameer has been a problem solver. His years as a business educator and consultant provided insight into many different types of business related problems. He now brings that expertise to the aid economic development primarily in assisting small and medium enterprises find smarter and more efficient ways to be sustainable.

In value chain development Shameer specialises on developing case specific upgrading strategies and enhancing backward linkages in special cases such as transition economy.

His regional experience covers predominantly south /south-east Asia, and Central Asia

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