BALMER, Bettina

Agro-economist for (agri)business issues: marketing, market access, quality, trade, export, support to the private sector, sustainable value chain development.

Based in France, Bettina BALMER has more than 25 years of experience in agribusiness and international trade. Agronomist (with a Master Degree in foreign trade), she has worked in more than 40 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. She used to be deputy manager of the trade department at the French Embassy in the Dominican Republic, covering from there other Caribbean countries. She acts on short term technical assistance projects in developing countries funded by IFIs (AFD, EuropeAid, USAid, GIZ, IADB, etc.), for business associations, NGOs and directly for private companies.

Her expertise focuses on support to the private sector and sustainable value chains with the following key competences:

  • Project management and implementation
  • Strategic marketing and development of business plans
  • Analysis / foresight / business intelligence
  • International development for private companies : trade and investment promotion, export quality, competitivenes
  • Capacity building on these topics : on-field and remote training, coaching and development of training material
  • Speaker and freelance journalist related to value chain approach.

Five work languages: French (mother tongue), English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

Covered value chains: agricultural and livestock products, food, natural ingredients for cosmetics, non timber forest products, biotrade (under Nagoya Protocol), natural textile fibers, renewable energies, food equipment.

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