Senior Consultant, Value Chain Assessment and Promotion, Private Sector, Rural and Regional Economic Development Expert.

Rudi Schütz has more than 16 years of professional work experience for international corporation and aid projects in various fields of Value Chain Assessment and Promotion, Private Sector and Economic Development, Regional and Rural Development, Institutional Building and Good Governance, Human Resource Management for Public and Private Sector, Strengthen Public Administration and Civil Service Capacity, and Overall Project Management.

For over 10 years, Rudi worked in various positions as Chief Technical Advisor, team leader and independent consultant and was responsible for (but not limited to) capacity building and personnel management, coordination and implementation of complex (ODA) projects for international donor organizations, e.g. EU, Luxembourg, IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development), and Germany (German International Cooperation-GIZ), and the liaison between government agencies and international donors.

As a person, Rudi is highly motivated with strong coaching and inter-personal skills with broad multi-cultural awareness, excellent organizational and (team)leadership skills for domestic and international environments, goal and result oriented combined with strong conceptualization and analytical abilities. He has a broad and in-depth knowledge of culture, economy, and history of Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Laos. His long-term working and living experience in post-conflict and socialist setting (Vietnam) for more than nine years has further enhanced his experience to integrate local feedback into program objectives and to design program activities with cultural and historical factors in mind.