KAPPERS, Sophieke

Sophieke Kappers is as agricultural economist specialised in the development of sustainable competitive value chains and business development, mainly in the agricultural and horticultural sector but also in the renewable energy sector. She can be characterized as a creative consultant with ample international and intercultural experience.

In her present position as consultant since 2005, she has benefitted from her previous experiences in private sector development with a diversity of employers including development organisations, trading companies and international development banks which have contributed to her full understanding of the different positions that stakeholders can occupy in the development process.

Sophieke offers advisory services, project management, matchmaking and support for the acquisition of loans and subsidies. Her clients include businesses, government and development organisations in the Netherlands and worldwide. She commands the English and French language very well.

Sophieke previously worked as part-time lecturer on value chains, sustainability and logistics. She designed conceptual models directly related to practical implementation. She is able to collect, integrate and interpret data. Her reports are concise and pragmatic.

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