EL MOUKET Abdesselam

Conseiller Provincial/Conseiller technique en ESS, Association Targa-AIDE, membre fondateur de l’EMESSE Espace Marocain de l’Economie Sociale, Solidaire et Environnementale, membre fondateur de l’approche Coaching Territorial (CT), Formateur accrédité par le BIT Bureau International de Travail en Entrepreneuriat “outil Gérer Mieux votre Entreprise GerME” Mai 2018…

Abdesselam joined Targa A-I-D-E in February 2021 (Implementation of economic, social, and solidarity activities) (i), He worked as “Field operator supporting migrants returning from Germany” AMAPPE ALMA.RVA Project (ii) (May 2019 – September 2020) , He worked as regional program manager IYF (July 2016-November 2019) IGROW Project(iii) . He worked as a project coordinator at REMESS, the first network of social and solidarity economy (SSE) in Morocco for 7 years old (October 2009-June 2016), then as communication manager. He is one of the three founders of the territorial coaching approach in Morocco that combines between territorial development and behavioral change. He created with a group of experts in SSE “the Moroccan space of SSEE“ (EMESSE) more than a year ago and member of the executive board.

Abdesselam is an actor in associations since 1996, printing technician since 2004, a social development agent since 2008 with university research on “Associative Youth Programs”, he had his diploma of director of summer camps in 2009. He is holder of a master degree in Entrepreneurship and Development in 2011 and trainer in green entrepreneurship; he speaks Arabic his native language, French and English.

(i) Implementation of SSE activities in 5 provinces “Boulemane / Ouezzan / Sidi Bennour / Figuig and Khenifra” partnership with GIZ and INDH program 3 (Youth employability. Meeting the challenge of youth employability Youth unemployment is one of the main obstacles to human development. …Creation of value at the local level. Promote the creation of value at the local level. …Sustainability of very small and medium enterprises…) (ii) Promotion of individual and family integrated pathways, socio-economic reintegration for Moroccan citizens living in Germany and wishing to return to their country of origin with a social, educational and economic reintegration project. AMAPPE is in charge of the realization of the business plans and the follow-up of the projects in Morocco in collaboration with the EIMA areas; (iii) I:GROW supports current and aspiring youth entrepreneurs in five rural communities in Morocco to start or grow their businesses. Supported by the OCP Foundation and the OCP Entrepreneurship Network, the initiative is encouraging unemployed and underserved rural Moroccans ages 18 to 35 to create livelihoods in their home communities. Using value chain and market systems approaches, I:GROW targets aspiring entrepreneurs who lack relevant support services and active entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses. https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdesselam-el-mouket-4a5a1abb/

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