Vermeulen, Joost G.H.

Owner/Senior Consultant at JV-Consultancies providing Triple-A services -Advice, Assistance, Assessments- to governments, companies and NGOs, either on a non-profit or commercial basis, working in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa or Latin America (

Joost G.H. Vermeulen (M.Sc.) is a senior consultant with extensive experience in:

(1) Agricultural Value Chains: providing value chain analysis and advise on value chain selection, value chain mapping, business development, value chain finance and all kinds of aspects related to inclusiveness (gender, youth, human rights);

(2) Agriculture: from potato breeding to designing and implementing multi-dollar agricultural projects;

(3) Program management: led and coached multi-disciplinary teams in several developing countries.

Joost is a professional agriculturalist from the Dutch Agricultural University of Wageningen (WUR), with considerable practical field experience in implementing multi-dollar agricultural programs, and with leading multi-disciplinary teams in several developing countries. He wants to develop sustainable agricultural value chains that are socially, environmentally and economically sound; benefiting all chain actors resulting in a win-win situation!

His regional experience covers: Albania, Bosnia (S. Europe, Balkans) 1995 – 2012; Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt (North Africa) January 1987 – December 1994; Burundi (Central Africa) January 1997 – September 2000; North-East Zaire, Uganda (Central Africa) August – December 1996; Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan (East Africa) Oct. 2014 – Oct. 2016; Tanzania (East Africa) June 2017; Ghana (West Africa) March – November 2008; Mozambique (South Africa) March 2001 – May 2003; Kazakhstan, China (Central Asia) 2004 – 2012; Colombia Jan.1982 – April 1983 + Brazil (South America) April – July 1995.

His working languages are Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish

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